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Step off, old man!
Thursday, 28 October 2004
Bush scarefest
Maureen Dowd of the NY Times exposes the scarefest that is the Bush-Cheney team.

"Dick Cheney peaked too soon. We've still got a few days left until Halloween.

It was scary enough when we thought the vice president had created his own reality for spin purposes. But if he actually believes that Iraq is "a remarkable success story,'' it's downright spooky. He's already got his persona for Sunday: he's the mad scientist in the haunted mansion, fiddling with test tubes to force the world to conform to his twisted vision.

After 9/11, Mr. Cheney swirled his big black cape and hunkered down in his undisclosed dungeon, reading books about smallpox and plague and worst-case terrorist scenarios. His ghoulish imagination ran wild, and he dragged the untested president and jittery country into his house of horrors, painting a gory picture of how Iraq could let fearsome munitions fall into the hands of evildoers.

He yanked America into war to preclude that chilling bloodbath. But in a spine-tingling switch, the administration's misbegotten invasion of Iraq has let fearsome munitions fall into the hands of evildoers. It's also forged the links between Al Qaeda and the Sunni Baathists that Mr. Cheney and his crazy-eyed Igors at the Pentagon had fantasized about to justify their hunger to remake the Middle East.

It's often seen in scary movies: you play God to create something in your own image, and the monster you make ends up coming after you.

Determined to throw a good scare into the Arab world, the vice president ended up scaring up the swarm of jihadist evil spirits he had conjured, like the overreaching sorcerer in "Fantasia." The Pentagon bungled the occupation so badly, it caused the insurgency to grow like the Blob.

Just as Catherine Deneuve had bizarre hallucinations in the horror classic "Repulsion,'' Mr. Cheney and the neocons were in a deranged ideological psychosis, obsessing about imaginary weapons while allowing enemies to spirit the real ones away.

The officials charged with protecting us set off so many false alarms that they ignored all the real ones.

President Bush is like one of the blissfully ignorant teenagers in "Friday the 13th'' movies, spouting slogans like "Freedom is on the march'' while Freddy Krueger is in the closet, ready to claw his skin off.

Mr. Bush ignored his own experts' warnings that Osama bin Laden planned to attack inside the U.S., that an invasion of Iraq could create a toxic partnership between outside terrorists and Baathists and create sympathy for them across the Islamic world, that Donald Rumsfeld was planning a war and occupation without enough troops, that Saddam's aluminum tubes were not for nuclear purposes, that U.S. troops should safeguard 380 tons of sealed explosives that could bring down planes and buildings, and that, after the invasion, Iraq could erupt into civil war.

And, of course, the president ignored Colin Powell's Pottery Barn warning: if you break it, you own it.

Their Iraqi puppet, Ayad Allawi, turned on Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush this week, in a scene right out of "Chucky.'' Mr. Allawi accused coalition forces of "major negligence'' for not protecting the unarmed Iraqi National Guard trainees who were slaughtered by insurgents wearing Iraqi police uniforms. Iraqi recruits are getting killed so fast we can't even pretend that we're going to turn the country over to them.

If you really want to be chilled to the bone this Halloween, listen to what Peter W. Galbraith, a former diplomat who helped advance the case for an Iraq invasion at the request of Paul Wolfowitz, said in a column yesterday in The Boston Globe.

He said he'd told Mr. Wolfowitz about "the catastrophic aftermath of the invasion, the unchecked looting of every public institution in Baghdad, the devastation of Iraq's cultural heritage, the anger of ordinary Iraqis who couldn't understand why the world's only superpower was letting this happen.'' He told Mr. Wolfowitz that mobs were looting Iraqi labs of live H.I.V. and black fever viruses and making off with barrels of yellowcake.

"Even after my briefing, the Pentagon leaders did nothing to safeguard Iraq's nuclear sites,'' he said.

In his column, Mr. Galbraith said weapons looted from the arms site called Al Qaqaa might have wound up in Iran, which could obviously use them to pursue nuclear weapons.

In April 2003 in Baghdad, he said, he told a young U.S. lieutenant stationed across the street that H.I.V. and black fever viruses had just been looted. The soldier had been devastated and said, "I hope I'm not responsible for Armageddon.''

Too bad that never occurred to Dr. Cheneystein."

Posted by brettdavey at 8:54 AM EDT
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Friday, 29 October 2004 - 3:32 AM EDT

Name: heyyou1970
Home Page:

Thursday, 28 October 2004
My Apologies!
Mood: irritated
Now Playing: Down with Electoral College!
Topic: Election
First I would like to apologize for not updating my weblog, I have been extremely busy, not to mention tired of sitting in front of this computer. To update everyone, My vacation down the Oregon coast was Very WET, and we made it down to the Giant Seqoias in California. To make a long story short, It was one of the best Vacations I had ever had, and my son loved it even though we didn't make it to Crater Lake because of a snow storm in the mountains. I would not trade it for anything, and even though there were issues, I can't complain. Now to explain why I am irritated. I live in the state of Washington, where the polls are saying Kerry will most likely win the state. This means that my Vote does not matter. Because of the Electoral Collage, all votes will go to whomever gets the majority vote, which voids my vote, or basicly changes it to Kerry if he gets the majority. Yes, I have already voted, by absenty ballot, and have voted for Bush, because I beleive Kerrys so called plan, will hurt our economy, cause a loss of jobs, and make us weaker on foriegn policy. He is a weak man, and if he pulls our troops out of Iraq, and Afghanistan, these terrorist organizations will declare victory over these weak Infidels. Things will get worse, both overseas, and here in our own country. There are still terrorist cells in this country, just waiting until our government retreats from the tough stand we have taken in the world. If we elect a weak man to office, I can guarantee you that there will be more attacks inside our country. And even though Bush has been steadfast in his pursuit for these terrorists, I would not be surprised if there is an attack in the next 5 days, that will influence this election. Look at what they have accomplished in Spain, changing that election, and forcing other countries to pull out their troops from Iraq by kidnapping and beheading civilians trying to help rebuild that country. Even if my vote does not count because of this Electoral Collage, I hope that I can Make people realize that this country will be safer with Bush in Office. Look at Reagan. Did he create a coalition to attack Libya. No. He informed our allies what he was doing, and informed other countries, like Russia, about this action. The United States does NOT have to ask anyone for permission to protect itself, both physically and economically. People need to realize that these terrorists will keep coming at us, because they believe we are the enemy, and infidels. Does anyone remember that just before the September 11th attacks, there was an aid organization being held in Afghanistan, accused of trying to corrupt the citizens of Afghanistan by preaching Christianity? This is part of the reason they hate us, because they believe we are sinners in the eyes of god. I have a Muslim freind that I talk with on the internet, and with talking to them, we both have seen that our beliefs are similar, but that there are some differences, and we both accept the others beliefs. Muslim People are not our enemy, but fanatics, like we have seen in our own country. David Koresh, Timithy McVeigh, and some of these American Citizens that were fighting with the Taliban. Again, I apologize. I have been rambeling on, and the whole point I have been trying to raise is which Man do YOU think will hunt down these fanatics? My vote may not count because of the Electoral process, but yours does, and I ask you all to seriously consider what can happen in the next month, to four years.

Posted by heyyou1970 at 11:54 PM PDT | post your comment (0) | link to this post

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